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Jinnie Kim Design has earned an international  R E P U T A T I O N  for providing design services completed on schedule and on budget. Jinnie Kim Design has demonstrated their abilities to synthesize client's objectives and operational requirements with innovative design solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. As a result of their outstanding design sensibilities, Jinnie Kim Design has executed commissions for various projects including luxury hotels, resorts, corporate headquarters and private estates for over twenty years.

With combined depth and breadth of  E X P E R I E N C E,  the team of professionals at Jinnie Kim Design offers unparalleled strength in interior design projects for the hotel and resort industry. With combined professional experience of many years, team members have proven themselves equal to the challenge of producing successful design solutions.

Jinnie Kim Design approaches each project with a fresh, C R E A T I V E   A P R O A C H  that responds to the architecture, ambiance and setting of each hotel. We believe that every design project is unique in its requirements and demands a thorough understanding of the client's specific needs. As problem solvers, we translate these needs into creative and successful design solutions within the parameters established for the project.

Jinnie Kim Design has a high degree of principal   I N V O L V E M E N T,  active working roles and hands on involvement in all phases of the project. We do not have separate departments; we work as a single team for the duration of the project ensuring continuity throughout planning, design, production, construction and installation.

Traditional design methods in conjunction with the speed, fluidity and  E F F I C I E N C Y   of Computer Aided Design and Drafting are utilized to produce projects. Jinnie Kim Design is fully CADD capable allowing for increased control of design quality and better coordination of documentation. Interfacing with outside consultants is easier as they can be provided with information on disk, enabling their work to be faster, more complete and easily transferable back to our network. The benefits to clients in terms of efficient management are extraordinary.

Design work on all of our recent projects has been completed within the time frame established by our clients. This has been accomplished through effective project management, a productive team and maintaining good  C O M M U N I C A T I O N  with our clients to ensure they are able to make timely decisions.

A good part of our  S U C C E S S  is based on long standing client relationships and multiple opportunities the firm has had to complete diverse projects for the same client. The fact that 85 % of our work is comprised of repeat and referred clients is testimony to our commitment to providing quality design and responsive personal service.

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